Made in Northampton

Made in Northampton: February

A Pick of NN’s Finest on the Scene for Febraury

Velvert Engine
Velvet Engine, AKA San-D Goddoy is a local singer/songwriter of South American decent. Born in Chile lots of her material is influenced by memories of her childhood,but also of moments of particular sadness and suffering. For San-D the exercise of songwriting is a cathartic one, using it’s theraputic value as a method of processing the suffering of herself, and those closest to her. Because of that her songs are as thought provoking as they are moving. A rollercoaster of emotions that blends rapturous harmonies with euphoric melodies that will haunt you well after the music has stopped. Velvet Engine will be at The Playhouse Theatre, Northampton, alongside Joe B. Humbled in support of Andy Croft on the 28th of February. […]

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Made in Northampton: December/January

A Pick of NN’s Finest on the Scene for December

The Big Dirty
Introducing Sex Rock. The Big Dirty have redefined the genre of glam/hair rock and roll. Big by sound, dirty by nature. With sleazy, libidinous riffs and catchy lyrics of a carnal, lustful nature, The Big Dirty are bound to have you hot under the collar. But it doesn’t end there, the Big Dirty have a massive live stage presence, clad in leopard spandex and armed with a whiskey cannon, they deliver a full bodied performance that involves the audience. These guys are best served live and turned up loud. Welcome to Sex Rock City, where you can check out anytime you like, but you can certainly never leave. […]

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Made in Northampton: November

Tragic, northampton punk 3-piece

A Pick of NN’s Finest on the Scene for November

I booked Tragic to open the bill for my Shoetown Presents gig at The Lab in the summer, with Mundays and Kian Russell and I was not disappointed. The band have since played numerous times throughout the county with multiple appearances at The Lab and the Garibaldi at The Lift tower presents, monthly all dayers, featuring 8 bands across 2 different stages. With many more dates being constantly added, the band are quickly making themselves known across the town. The band have recently released singles Walking and Sammy Set His Bed on Fire. Having recently caught the attention of the BBC this band are one to watch. […]

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Made in Northampton: October

The Big Head band Northamptonshire reggae band

A Pick of NN’s Finest on the Scene for October

The Big Head
Northampton’s own godfathers of low-fi reggae and ska. The Bighead have charmed local with their reggae vibes at festivals such as Twinfest. Having recently released a new EP, the band are currently on their Record Store Tour, with dates across the country, including Brixton. […]

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Made in Northampton: September

Tom Rose & The Heathen Orchestra, Wellingborough based alternative blues band

Tom Rose & The Heathen Orchestra
Self-proclaimed as forming out of playing in other bands badly, the macabre charm of Tom Rose & The Heathen Orchestra first caught my eye when performing at Woodfest last year. I have since had the pleasure of seeing them perform at Twinfest and I highly recommend that you do too. With their unique instruments and irregular tunings they are a musical treat to chase the demons from your life in short rhythmic bursts. If you like Nick Cave and Tom Waits, you’ll love these. Watch out for Trouble’s What You Get. Listen to the interview and a live acoustic performance at […]

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Made in Northampton: August

Kian Russell, Northampton blues artist performing live

A Pick of NN’s Finest on the Scene for August

Kian Russell
At just sixteen and still amidst his GCSE’s, Kian Russell is one to watch. Despite his youthful years, blues prodigee Kian Russell, is an embodiment of the rich history of the blues, with a contemporary edge for today’s audiences. Kian has recently returned from living in the states and has brought the American style blues home with him to Northampton. […]

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