A Guide to Independent Venues Week

Wednesday: Raising The Arwen: Poetry + Spoken Word with the Bard Friday: Project Noise  | Flow & Hustle | Damfino | Gaylips Thursday: Confessions of A Traitor | A Higher Demise | CALIBURN Saturday: Atomck | Nothing Clean | Atrocity Exhibit | Chinned | Sharkteeth Grinder | Nailbreaker   ROADMENDER | LADY’S LANE Roadmender, Northampton’s […]

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Gig Guide: 27th Jan – 2nd Feb

Bushpigs live at The Beer Festival

Bushpigs – Live at The Mailcoach, Fri 1st Feb

A run through of the week’s gig listings…

27th Jan
IVW: ROAM | Superlove | Crawlspaces | Slow Burn | The Black Prince | 19:00 | £10
Kicking off Independent Venues Week is ROAM, Eastbourne’s big deal pop-punkers, who are taking a trip around the country’s smaller venues for Independent Venue Week. […]

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Made in Northampton: December/January

A Pick of NN’s Finest on the Scene for December

The Big Dirty
Introducing Sex Rock. The Big Dirty have redefined the genre of glam/hair rock and roll. Big by sound, dirty by nature. With sleazy, libidinous riffs and catchy lyrics of a carnal, lustful nature, The Big Dirty are bound to have you hot under the collar. But it doesn’t end there, the Big Dirty have a massive live stage presence, clad in leopard spandex and armed with a whiskey cannon, they deliver a full bodied performance that involves the audience. These guys are best served live and turned up loud. Welcome to Sex Rock City, where you can check out anytime you like, but you can certainly never leave. […]

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