Gig Guide: 10th – 16th Feb

The Ramonas, all-girl ramones tribute act live at The Black Prince

The Ramonas – Live at The Black Prince, Sat 16th Feb

A run through of the week’s gig listings…

Tues 11th Feb

A weekly night, sharing words and music, originals especially, acoustic but amplified in a small cosy brewery bar. […]

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A Guide to Independent Venues Week

Wednesday: Raising The Arwen: Poetry + Spoken Word with the Bard Friday: Project Noise  | Flow & Hustle | Damfino | Gaylips Thursday: Confessions of A Traitor | A Higher Demise | CALIBURN Saturday: Atomck | Nothing Clean | Atrocity Exhibit | Chinned | Sharkteeth Grinder | Nailbreaker   ROADMENDER | LADY’S LANE Roadmender, Northampton’s […]

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Gig Guide: 27th Jan – 2nd Feb

Bushpigs live at The Beer Festival

Bushpigs – Live at The Mailcoach, Fri 1st Feb

A run through of the week’s gig listings…

27th Jan
IVW: ROAM | Superlove | Crawlspaces | Slow Burn | The Black Prince | 19:00 | £10
Kicking off Independent Venues Week is ROAM, Eastbourne’s big deal pop-punkers, who are taking a trip around the country’s smaller venues for Independent Venue Week. […]

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Freshly Squeezed: November

Kian Russell, Northampton blues artist performing live

Phil Moore runs you threw the month’s new releases
Kian Russell ‘Off the Ground’
Kian Russell 16 year-old Russell brings his American blues and rock influences to the fore – from John Mayer and Hendrix through to Paramore and Biffy Clyro. After he lived in the US for some of his childhood he really has soaked up the sound and feel of the guitar greats, and his songwriting is now flourishing. Opening track ‘Bullet Through The Heart’ really kicks the round dangly things, whilst the title track has a lot of emotional layering that suggests a bright future no matter what style he does. […]

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