Freshly Squeezed: February

Empyre Northampton five-piece

Phil Moore runs you threw the month’s new releases

Empyre ‘My Bad’
The hard rockers ratchet up their proggy tendencies on this ballad, the final single from their well-received ‘Self-Aware’ album. The feel is akin to Queensryche meets Alter Bridge, with some slick Chris Cornell-style vocals from Henrik Steenholdt giving it serious gravitas. If you like your rock sound to be American-flavoured, and with plenty of light and shade, then you’ve come to the right party here.

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Freshly Squeezed: September

Rolling Thunder, Northampton indie 5-piece performing live

Phil Moore runs you threw the month’s new releases…

Rolling Thunder ‘John Doe’
Second single from the hottest new 2019 band outta NN. Spiky vocals, fuzzy guitar lines and an especially forward facing rhythm means this one is a winner on the dancefloor as well as in your heart. Big things coming from these lot, yes mark those words now.

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Made in Northampton: August

Kian Russell, Northampton blues artist performing live

A Pick of NN’s Finest on the Scene for August

Kian Russell
At just sixteen and still amidst his GCSE’s, Kian Russell is one to watch. Despite his youthful years, blues prodigee Kian Russell, is an embodiment of the rich history of the blues, with a contemporary edge for today’s audiences. Kian has recently returned from living in the states and has brought the American style blues home with him to Northampton. […]

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