Freshly Squeezed: February

Empyre Northampton five-piece

Phil Moore runs you threw the month’s new releases

Empyre ‘My Bad’
The hard rockers ratchet up their proggy tendencies on this ballad, the final single from their well-received ‘Self-Aware’ album. The feel is akin to Queensryche meets Alter Bridge, with some slick Chris Cornell-style vocals from Henrik Steenholdt giving it serious gravitas. If you like your rock sound to be American-flavoured, and with plenty of light and shade, then you’ve come to the right party here.

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A Guide to Independent Venues Week

Wednesday: Raising The Arwen: Poetry + Spoken Word with the Bard Friday: Project Noise  | Flow & Hustle | Damfino | Gaylips Thursday: Confessions of A Traitor | A Higher Demise | CALIBURN Saturday: Atomck | Nothing Clean | Atrocity Exhibit | Chinned | Sharkteeth Grinder | Nailbreaker   ROADMENDER | LADY’S LANE Roadmender, Northampton’s […]

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Gig Guide: 27th Jan – 2nd Feb

Bushpigs live at The Beer Festival

Bushpigs – Live at The Mailcoach, Fri 1st Feb

A run through of the week’s gig listings…

27th Jan
IVW: ROAM | Superlove | Crawlspaces | Slow Burn | The Black Prince | 19:00 | £10
Kicking off Independent Venues Week is ROAM, Eastbourne’s big deal pop-punkers, who are taking a trip around the country’s smaller venues for Independent Venue Week. […]

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