Gig Guide: 24th Feb – 1st March

Andy Crofts and Chris Watson live at The Black Prince

Andy Crofts – Live at The Black Prince, Fri 28th Feb

A run through of the week’s gig listings…

Tues 25th Feb
A weekly night, sharing words and music, originals especially, acoustic but amplified in a small cosy brewery bar. […]

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Made in Northampton: February

A Pick of NN’s Finest on the Scene for Febraury

Velvert Engine
Velvet Engine, AKA San-D Goddoy is a local singer/songwriter of South American decent. Born in Chile lots of her material is influenced by memories of her childhood,but also of moments of particular sadness and suffering. For San-D the exercise of songwriting is a cathartic one, using it’s theraputic value as a method of processing the suffering of herself, and those closest to her. Because of that her songs are as thought provoking as they are moving. A rollercoaster of emotions that blends rapturous harmonies with euphoric melodies that will haunt you well after the music has stopped. Velvet Engine will be at The Playhouse Theatre, Northampton, alongside Joe B. Humbled in support of Andy Croft on the 28th of February. […]

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